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Brand new baby dolphin at Tangalooma, Queensland

The wild dolphin family at Tangalooma, on the sunny Queensland coast, has welcomed a new calf just recently with proud mum ‘Tangles’ introducing her first offspring to a crowd of delighted onlookers.
20 December 2010
Dolphin Care team manager, Susan Hassard said, “We are so excited to see this new baby appear, we’ve been waiting on its arrival for a few weeks now.

“The calf is surprisingly small – only about 70 to 80 centimetres in length and weighing an estimated 15 to 20 kilograms and mum is keeping a very tight rein on things for the moment”.

“Tangles stayed well back from the shore and took only a few fish from one of the dolphin care team before taking off with her calf in tow,” Susan Hassard said.

“We are always very cautious with newborns when they come in and try to avoid interfering with that all-important bonding time that happens during the first few weeks.

“But Tangles is showing all the signs of being an excellent mother and this will give her little one a great chance of survival.”

Tangalooma Island Resort, just off the coast of Brisbane in the state of Queensland, is on the large sandy Moreton Island. As the island is 95 per cent national park is it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and the Tangalooma Island Resort has a well-known program where eeach evening the Tangalooma dolphins eagerly swim up to the beach, adjacent to the well-lit jetty, to be hand fed fresh fish by Marine biologists, staff and resort guests.

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