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Need an Australian travel visa? Just ask bloggers!

If you are thinking about applying for an Australian travel visa, why not read some of the world's most influential blogs to get a review about holidaying in Australia?
17 April 2009
According to, Tourism Australia are getting creative with their marketing ploy and using famous "bloggers" to write opinionated articles about holidaying in Australia for their own websites.

'The Satoralist' will be the first to experience an Australian holiday on Tourism Australia's account, and his review is expected to reach a large audience, being rated the 20th most powerful blog in the world by Time Magazine.

Andy Rouse, an English blogger and wildlife photographer will be signed on for an Australian holiday, as well as Germany's Julia Knolle and China's Yibo Fan.

Tourism Australia's main aim is to attract the younger international markets to holiday in Australia, whether it is for a short stay or a working holiday. For some time now, the organisation has been working the social networking sites to establish a new communication porthole, such as having a profile on Facebook, which now has a fan base of a quarter of a million people.

"In addition to traditional advertising there are so many more ways to reach consumers today, particularly in the digital environment," said Tourism Australia managing director Geoff Buckley.

"We know that the consumers we target – Experience Seekers – are very active in the digital space which is a key reason why we are targeting digital opinion leaders who have a vast audience and influential voice."

If you are thinking about a short-term holiday in Australia, and do not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, you will need an Australian travel visa to do so. The most common type is the Electronic Travel Authorisation, or ETA visa. This type of visa can be used to travel in Australia for up to three months, provided the holder does not participate in work whilst in the country.

As the ETA is electronic, it can be granted online within seconds and your passport does not need any paper labels or stamps. You can also enter and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish on the one visa, and have multiple ETA visas within your lifetime. So, if you find yourself enjoying the splendours of Australian holidays, or discover that it is in fact far too big to see all the wonders it has to offer in a short three-month holiday, you can always apply for another ETA visa online, hassle-free.