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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

working holiday visa Australia

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Q: How do I cancel my gap year visa?

A: A Working Holiday visa can only be used once.

If you find your circumstances have changed after you are granted a Working Holiday visa and you want to postpone your working holiday but you still need to go to Australia for a brief visit, you should apply for a subclass 676 short stay visitor visa (commonly known as an ETA visa). This will cancel your working holiday visa, which means you will be able to re-apply for another working holiday visa at a later stage.

If you apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) and enter Australia on an ETA, this will activate your Working Holiday visa and you will not be able to postpone your working holiday until a later date.

Q: Can I change to another visa?

A: You can apply to change your working holiday status while you are in Australia if you meet the requirements for another visa.

Working Holiday visa holders are able to meet the criteria for grant of a visitor visa to enable a longer stay in Australia only if exceptional circumstances exist. People with another type of visa cannot change to a Working Holiday visa in Australia.

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Q: Do I need a stamp or label in my passport?

A: You will not normally need to have a visa label placed in your passport unless the Department of Immigration makes this a condition of your visa. This is because the visa is linked electronically to the passport details provided in your visa application. However, any Working Holiday visa holder who chooses to may have a visa label placed in their passport. This may be useful to show potential employers that you have the right to work in Australia.

There are several options to obtain a visa label:

  • If you arrive at Sydney Airport, you can have your visa label printed before you leave the airport. When your passport is stamped on entry, ask for directions to the Visa Label desk.
  • You can send your passport (with a stamped, self-addressed, registered envelope) by registered mail to:
    GPO Box 1496
    Hobart, Tasmania, 7001
  • Once you arrive in Australia, you can go to any departmental office to have your visa label printed.

Q: Do I need a medical examination for a Working Holiday Visa?

A: All applicants are required to meet health criteria. In certain circumstances, you will be required to undergo formal health examinations.

A chest x-ray will be required if you:

  • Are a resident of a country considered to be of a very high health risk in terms of tuberculosis (the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Italy, France and Belgium are NOT considered high risk);
  • Have spent more than 3 consecutive months in the last 5 years in a country or countries considered to be of a very high health risk in terms of tuberculosis;
  • Are likely to enter an Australian hospital or health care area (including nursing homes); or
  • Are likely to be engaged in an Australian child care centre (including preschools or crèches) as either an employee or trainee.
  • A chest x-ray and a medical examination, including any specialist reports, will be required if:
  • There is an indication you may not meet the health criteria; or
  • You are likely to work or study in a classroom environment for more than 4 weeks and hold a passport from a country considered to be of a very high health risk in terms of tuberculosis.

Additionally, you will need to undergo HIV/Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C testing if you intend to work in the health care industry.

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